Reward Yourself with Stress Relief

I feel like I sometimes spend so much of my day focusing on other people’s needs that I can forget about what is good for me. Lately I’ve been picking up extra hours at work to help pay bills, but that hasn’t taken away the soccer practices, help with homework or rides to soccer practice.

I decided that before I got completely run down I would do something for myself – I scheduled a long overdue appointment for a Liverpool thai massage. I’ve been for massages before but it still amazes me how spending just 45 minutes doing something for me can impact how I feel. It’s been a few days since my appointment and I am still feeling the powerful effects. I’ve been sleeping better, moving with less pain and I haven’t had a single headache – this little trip was definitely worth every penny.

Talk about a crazy day!

Today I went to get a thai massage Manchester, and you will not believe what happened. I decided to go in today because lately I have been very stressed and tense. So, as i am driving there someone pulls right in front of me and we almost collided. As soon as I got to the office I was in a hurry and forgot my keys in the car. After 30 minutes of fighting with a hanger and my car door, i had to call the police station. Finally, I was going to get my massage. Just then I realized I had scheduled my session for tomorrow instead of today and he would not be in the rest if the afternoon. What a long day, I think I may need to schedule another wonderful massage now.

Saying Hello Once I Said Goodbye

I go to the cemetery every week since my wife was taken from me. Some people might think this is a bit too much, but every time I go, I take her flowers. I should have done this more when she was alive.

I refuse to go to just some retail store that sells flowers in a cooler. I go to my local florist Harrogate. There is nothing better for my lovely wife with whom I miss greatly. Yeah, people laugh because I pay a great amount of money, but that is what someone you love greatly deserves is it not?

I know I’m not the only one. I see the other widows who pay the same amount for something so beautiful to sit upon a grave of the one they lost. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not being morbid. It’s being the one who honors them long after they are gone.

A Band Teacher Making A Difference

I wasn’t the typical band geek in high school. It was a requirement to either take chorus or band, and anyone who has heard me sing knows that was never going to be my strong point. So band it was.

Because I wasn’t particularally musically inclined, I found it difficult to focus in band practice. Many of my teachers were harsh with anyone who was not a prodigy, and I felt defeated each time I left the room. But one teacher saw my struggle and reached out to me.

He was a saxophone player Manchester, but was willing to help a struggling drummer find her coordination and rhythm. He offered private lessons, constructive criticism, and heaps of encouragement. He made band fun. He made music fun.

I no longer take band, and I am far from a professional drummer. But I’ve never forgotten his kindness and support, and will occasionally tap out a few beats in his honor.

Spontaneous Obstacles

People often allow alcohol to bring trouble into their lives. They drink too much and do things they shouldn’t. Most of these issues arise when people leave the safety of their homes. The problem is that alcohol brings spontaneous obstacles into play.

Suppose you’re sitting on your porch having a drink and hanging out with friends, no problem. However, when you decide you and your friends need to go on a drunken reconnaissance mission, then the obstacles arise. Where did that car come from? It wasn’t there a minute ago. Ditch, that ditch was never here before. We must have some fast ditch diggers around here! Cutting through the neighbor’s yard never seemed all that daunting before, but now they have installed green walls, attacking innocent passers-by who have consumed one too many. So, if you must drink alcohol, do so from the obstacle-free safety of home.

Never Too Late To Start

I did not really care about protecting the environment until recently. I never understood why people were so passionate about protecting the environment. However, that changed after I watched a documentary that detailed all of the bad things that humans are doing to the Earth. I felt guilty because I knew that I was a part of the problem. I am now committed to being a part of the solution not the problem.

When I see trash on the ground, I always pick it up. I spend at least two hours per week picking up trash that others have carelessly thrown on the ground. I have also purchased a water filter media for my home because I believe it is very important to have clean water. Additionally, I recycle on a regular basis. I believe that recycling is one of the simplest ways to protect the environment.

Always Watch Your Kids During Projects

I’ve been doing some renovations around my home, mainly upgrading the back porch area. While I’ve been engaging in this multi-weekend project, I’ve also been bringing my son along in order to spark an interest in being handy. This arrangement has worked out fine for the most of the time, however, there was one time where decided to show some initiative and prove to his daddy just how good a helper he could be.

James is only about 8 years old and not really able to manipulate the heavier gear I’ve been using. Imagine my surprise when my attention is drawn to a phone call with my wife, only to catch James tearing open a heavy bag of silica sand and letting it just spill out across the yard. While a small amount wound up where I was planning on placing it, the lion’s share of the sand was wasted.

I Thought My Husband Was Going Deaf

A few weeks ago, I was a little nervous because I thought my husband was going deaf. He would often ask me to repeat things. He also seemed to ignore me when I asked him to do something. After much pleading and begging, I finally convinced him to go to the doctor and get checked out. The doctor found that my husband was not actually going deaf and the problem was easy to correct. He had a lot of ear wax in his ears, which is why he could not hear me. The doctor used an ear wax removal Stockport vacuum in order to remove the ear wax that my husband had building up in his ears. I was so happy that my husband was not actually going deaf. Now, I make sure he cleans his ears out every morning.