Spark of Love

I worked for many years with him, but I never realized how in love he was. Over the years he was my shoulder to cry on; boyfriends came and went, and he just listened.

I should mention that he never tired of asking me out, but I always gave him cheap excuses, I didn’t like the guy. Just to get by, one day I said yes and went out to eat. My plan was to please him and get him off once and for all.

How wrong I was! I only knew the mechanic guy, full of grease and always smiling, but that night I met a great man with golden feelings and deep values. His love for me overflowed with every word he spoke, and I felt guilty.

We started mature dating from that night on and I fell in love with the mechanic man faster than a lightning falls.

Always Watch Your Kids During Projects

I’ve been doing some renovations around my home, mainly upgrading the back porch area. While I’ve been engaging in this multi-weekend project, I’ve also been bringing my son along in order to spark an interest in being handy. This arrangement has worked out fine for the most of the time, however, there was one time where decided to show some initiative and prove to his daddy just how good a helper he could be.

James is only about 8 years old and not really able to manipulate the heavier gear I’ve been using. Imagine my surprise when my attention is drawn to a phone call with my wife, only to catch James tearing open a heavy bag of silica sand and letting it just spill out across the yard. While a small amount wound up where I was planning on placing it, the lion’s share of the sand was wasted.

A Lucky Break

Last summer, I stayed at a friend’s house while my home was being remodeled. It was the hottest stretch our town had seen in years. To make things worse, his air conditioning Rochdale unit decided to crash and burn one miserable afternoon. He tried calling every repair place in the phone book, but no one would be available for several hours. It seemed everyone else was having the same problem.

We tried to tough it out for a while, but finally decided we just couldn’t take it anymore. We decided to go to the mall; it was always nice and cool there. Just as we were heading out the door, the air conditioner came back on! It was the weirdest coincidence either of us had ever experienced, and definitely a welcome one.

I Thought My Husband Was Going Deaf

A few weeks ago, I was a little nervous because I thought my husband was going deaf. He would often ask me to repeat things. He also seemed to ignore me when I asked him to do something. After much pleading and begging, I finally convinced him to go to the doctor and get checked out. The doctor found that my husband was not actually going deaf and the problem was easy to correct. He had a lot of ear wax in his ears, which is why he could not hear me. The doctor used an ear wax removal Stockport vacuum in order to remove the ear wax that my husband had building up in his ears. I was so happy that my husband was not actually going deaf. Now, I make sure he cleans his ears out every morning.

Seize the Day with Schizencephaly

We took Shane to see the doctor today and we were told about a new medication trial for his seizures associated with Schizencephaly. The doctor told us the new drug had the potential to stop some of the seizures Shane has daily as well as work to prevent further hearing loss. His digital hearing aids are working fine now after a test and adjustment, but we know how sensitive he is to the devices.

Some things can’t be stalled or repaired. While his hearing is stable, Shane’s vision is almost absent except for tracking of light. We will still need surgery to implant a device in his brain that will allow me to stop seizures in real time with the swipe of an electronic bracelet. Science is doing amazing things and I can’t wait to see what happens next with our patient little dude!

Suddenly Incoherent

My family, and I have been close for years, we have always looked close and cared about each of our health problems. My brother Charlie and I have been noticing in our mother for the past couple weeks that she has been lacking to respond to our vocals. We were really unsure about what it was. We thought it could have possibly been old age, at 74 years old. We called and had made her a doctor’s appointment with Medical director John L. Garcia. We then found out that she has suffered from hearing loss, and is in need of hearing aids Manchester immediately. The doctor recommended we take her to an eyes, ears, and throat doctor, which we certainly did. We ended up having to drive several hours to the nearest specialist for what our mother Jane was in need of. The process was simple, and painless the doctor had inserted a professional permanent hearing device into our mother Jane’s ear. After 2 months after the surgery everything is going great our mother is back to normal, and is snappy and Getty as she was 20 years ago.